Helikopter Hysterie ZWO


With great pleasure Paul Paulun in his function as Senior Copy Editor of the Hubschrauberblog and I in my function as Supervisor Psychohistoric & Hermetic Research at the Erratik Institute Berlin accepted on behalf of Helikopter Hysterie ZWO the Golden Blogger Award 2019 in the category Wissenschaft Technik Forschung (WTF). Helicopter Hysterie ZWO was awarded as best blog. Let’s not forget: None of this would have been possible without the tireless and unreserved commitment of our spiritus rector Heinrich Dubel. Since 1991 the reincarnated Pegasos has been living as a rotorcraft of erratic knowledge production. We have him to thank for the constant traffic according to the sentence of Friedrich von Gottl-Ottlilienfeld that always prevails the state “that everything must take the way of traffic (Verkehr) before it comes to consumption (Verzehr)”. The motor is the rotor. Our whole enterprise serves such a tying to earths. Thank you.

{Pic by Maria Zastrow}