Verkehr bedeutet auch, dass etwas am verkehrten Ort sich befindet und an den richtigen gelangen soll. Was aber, wenn man gar nicht weiß, wo der richtige oder verkehrte Ort ist, beinah jeder Ort ein optionaler Lande- oder Startplatz? Der Helikopter hat den Verkehr revolutioniert, weil er senkrecht abzuheben und aufzusetzen, potenziell alle Objekte in jedes beliebige Gelände zu transportieren und von dort aufzunehmen vermag, in der Luft „stehen“ kann (wozu im Tierreich allenfalls Libellen und Kolibris in der Lage sind) und eine erstaunliche Wendigkeit besitzt. Weshalb auch die Bilder seines Verkehrsverhaltens auf bemerkenswerte Weise in unsere Kulturen eingeflogen sind.!5711182/

I am the Resurrection

A little Easter greeting to you. The late Sebastian Horsley with a copy of my translation of his Dandy in the Underworld. It was published by Blumenbar in 2009. You can spend your short time astride the pit in all kinds of ways … if you have courage and joy in you, you can also pick up the book!


Bookdesign by Chrish Klose

Helikopter Hysterie ZWO


With great pleasure Paul Paulun in his function as Senior Copy Editor of the Hubschrauberblog and I in my function as Supervisor Psychohistoric & Hermetic Research at the Erratik Institute Berlin accepted on behalf of Helikopter Hysterie ZWO the Golden Blogger Award 2019 in the category Wissenschaft Technik Forschung (WTF). Helicopter Hysterie ZWO was awarded as best blog. Let’s not forget: None of this would have been possible without the tireless and unreserved commitment of our spiritus rector Heinrich Dubel. Since 1991 the reincarnated Pegasos has been living as a rotorcraft of erratic knowledge production. We have him to thank for the constant traffic according to the sentence of Friedrich von Gottl-Ottlilienfeld that always prevails the state “that everything must take the way of traffic (Verkehr) before it comes to consumption (Verzehr)”. The motor is the rotor. Our whole enterprise serves such a tying to earths. Thank you.

{Pic by Maria Zastrow}

Ossa carpi, genteel


Der hungrigsten Hand bleibt oft nur das kleine Erbsenbein, übrigens. Pisiforme und accessorium. Peinlich, und anhänglich. Hündisch das Fleisch, nagend der Zahn.

Out now: Ossa carpi, manierlich – gemeinsam mit René Luckhardt und Tobias Hantmann. Im Salon Verlag Köln. Get your Copy here: Salon Verlag & Edition Powered by Galerie Bernd Kugler, Innsbruck. Graphic by Steffen Henrich.


Modellierung eines Engels


Catalogue for the exhibition 5 is a different 1 by Réne Luckhardt at Galerie Bernd Kugler (Innsbruck / AUT). (Opening June 14th, 2018. 6 pm)

Luckhardt’s paintings are the artistic approach to a photograph of underground icon Marjorie Cameron (1922-1995). The Californian actress, visual artist, poet and occultist was and is the enigmatic protagonist of a counterculture whose influence can still be felt today. Luckhardt’s paintings dissect the black-and-white photograph of hers into innumerable variants. Inconspicuous details oft he photograph are transformed into painterly-graphic compositions in their own right and, in a surprising twist, rearranged in a sculptural and discursive way. The title 5 is a different 1 summarizes such an approach in the form of a slogan.
The work is inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop position Marilyn of a modern icon. From an almost void and ante-chamber of imagery, it is contrasted with this model of an angel of a very different kind. As a consequence it carries neither the name Marjorie, nor Cameron – what enters the stage is at best: Marjolyn.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with a short essay by Andreas L. Hofbauer in a limited edition of 150 copies. Artist and author will be present at the opening.

La Castiglione is Alive!


La Castiglione visits Berlin! UA von Place Fantôme am 26. Mai 2018. (R: Ivan Stanev, La Castiglione: Jeanette Spassova)

Das Symposium La plus belle femme du siècle. Multispektrale Bildgebungen findet am 27. Mai 2018 statt.

Es erscheint ein Katalog!

Die Schädel toter Ahnen, die man einstmals in offenen oder versteckten, dunkeln oder hellen Kammern aufgestellt hat, damit sie den Mitgliedern der Gemeinschaft schweigsam Gesellschaft leisten konnten, wandelten sich zu Masken, polierten Grabsteinen, Fotoalben, Videobotschaften, die kurz vor dem Ableben aufgezeichnet werden, und Social-Media-Accounts, die ihrer Wiederauferstehung nach dem Ende des Internets harren. Die mannigfaltigen Seelen haben sich entfernt, sich aber nicht verschlucken lassen.” (aus: Entfernte Seelen by ALH, in: Place Fantôme, Berlin/Paris 2018)  
Find out more here.

A beam of light



“Looking at that blank paper continually dropping, dropping, dropping, my mind ran on in wonderings of those strange uses to which those thousand sheets eventually would be put. All sorts of writings would be writ on those now vacant things – sermons, lawyers’ briefs, physicians’ prescriptions, love-letters, marriage certificates, bills of divorce, registers of births, death-warrants, and so on, without end. Then, recurring back to them as they here lay all blank, I could not but bethink me of that celebrated comparison of John Locke, who, in demonstration of his theory that man had no innate ideas, compared the human mind at birth to a sheet of blank paper; something destined to be scribbled on, but what sort of characters no soul might tell.” (H.M., The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids, 1855)

The author at the graveside of the “big white male” and his next of kin. Woodlawn Cemetery in Bronx. (Pic by Marius Mittag)





Vignette, remote … at the lagoon


“Und aus der Einsamkeit, die zweifellos kosmisch ist, löst sich entwegter Hauskristall …”

Out now! In occasion of the exhibition PS4 in Marano Lagunare (Italy) Andreas L. Hofbauer published for Niko Sturms catalogue his “Vignette, entfernt”.

Richard Klammer, Oliver Marceta, Patrick Pilsl, Peter Pilz, Max Sammer and Niko Sturm were the participating artists.

All book design by Toledo i Dertschei (Vienna).

Architecture: Mauro Rosetto.

Publisher: drava (Klagenfurt/Celovec)

Get your book here




With the speedboat up the river Nāf, your tight fitting gloves of hushed velvet in mine, on an icy sidewalk in Vancouver, lounging all day long in a den of vice in the Red City – with a hint of mint in the air.


Flacons in the size of 0.20 ml / 0.68 fl oz come as quick refill cartridges: Perfect artillery for dangerous nights out and playful extravaganzas in broad daylight.

{Pics by Katharina Copony}