Four Years of HER


In 2015 HER was published by Konterfei (Vienna) in a limited edition of 200 copies. Cover Design by Caprice Crawford & Theo Ligthart. Publishing concept by Robert Jelinek & Elena Henrich. Broderie anglaise // Lochstickerei by Frau Luckhardt.

Andreas L. Hofbauer

Das Haus mit den lachenden Fenstern // The house with the laughing windows

René Luckhardt

Der Stoff, aus dem Großmütter sind // The stuff grandmothers are made of

Hermetic Experimental Research

A laboratory talk by René Luckhardt and
Andreas L. Hofbauer with Andreas L. Hofbauer and
René Luckhardt.


“Die Mehrzahl derer, mit denen wir im Gespräch sind, sind ohnehin längst tot.”


Anamorphose des Autors

Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis
Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis

Anamorphosis of the author during a public reading for Der Konterfei in Vienna, March 2015. “Early 18th century: from Greek anamorphōsis ‘transformation’, from ana- ‘back, again’ + morphosis ‘a shaping’ (from morphoun ‘to shape’, from morphē ‘shape, form’).” (Oxford Dictionaries)

Pic by Travis Sohan Lehtonen