One more filmy than the rest

Dim vales – and shadowy floods –

And cloudy-looking woods,

Whose forms we can’t discover

For the tears that drip all over

Huge moons there wax and wane –

Again – again – again …

(E. A. Poe)

Film stills by Katharina Copony

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2009, a slyly moment

Überall ziehen die Menschen ihre Uhren auf, um den Schwebezustand hinauszuschieben, der sie einzuholen droht. (Walter Abish, Schaltschemen)

Some sort of Sortes Abishianae. Commemorate lyrics, laugh upon my sleeve. It was the year 2009. In front of a major work of art by Andreas Templin.

I am the Resurrection

A little Easter greeting to you. The late Sebastian Horsley with a copy of my translation of his Dandy in the Underworld. It was published by Blumenbar in 2009. You can spend your short time astride the pit in all kinds of ways … if you have courage and joy in you, you can also pick up the book!


Bookdesign by Chrish Klose

Helikopter Hysterie ZWO


With great pleasure Paul Paulun in his function as Senior Copy Editor of the Hubschrauberblog and I in my function as Supervisor Psychohistoric & Hermetic Research at the Erratik Institute Berlin accepted on behalf of Helikopter Hysterie ZWO the Golden Blogger Award 2019 in the category Wissenschaft Technik Forschung (WTF). Helicopter Hysterie ZWO was awarded as best blog. Let’s not forget: None of this would have been possible without the tireless and unreserved commitment of our spiritus rector Heinrich Dubel. Since 1991 the reincarnated Pegasos has been living as a rotorcraft of erratic knowledge production. We have him to thank for the constant traffic according to the sentence of Friedrich von Gottl-Ottlilienfeld that always prevails the state “that everything must take the way of traffic (Verkehr) before it comes to consumption (Verzehr)”. The motor is the rotor. Our whole enterprise serves such a tying to earths. Thank you.

{Pic by Maria Zastrow}

Handgelenk // Wrist

gelenk1handgelenk hofbauer

Den organischen Leib ablegen, runter mit dem meisterhaften gesteinten borten, an den gelenken unbenât. Ein anderer Schneider ist nötig.


Reading for the exhibition Handgelenk hosted by Galerie Bernd Kugler together with Tobias Hantmann and René Luckhardt at art berlin 2019.

Anamorphose des Autors

Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis
Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis

Anamorphosis of the author during a public reading for Der Konterfei in Vienna, March 2015. “Early 18th century: from Greek anamorphōsis ‘transformation’, from ana- ‘back, again’ + morphosis ‘a shaping’ (from morphoun ‘to shape’, from morphē ‘shape, form’).” (Oxford Dictionaries)

Pic by Travis Sohan Lehtonen

Die Geherin / The Walker

Nur den Niedertritt konnte man hören, nicht das Aufheben des Fußes. Beim Hören ist eine Lücke nötig, eine ganz kleine Pause. Hier erstirbt der Ton. Beim Sehen des Perpendikels gibt es einen Ruhepunkt für den Perpendikel, wo seine Bewegung umdreht. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Räume und Architekturen formen. Schrittweise werden Körper mit Informationen versorgt, die sich aus Physik und Geschichte der jeweiligen durchquerten Orte speisen. Die „Geherin“ macht Kraftfelder, die auf jeden einzelnen einwirken, synästhetisch sichtbar. Vergangene Ereignisse werden wachgerufen, Orte, Szenen und Schicksale erinnert, Visionen für Zukünftiges entworfen. Sie ist Motor einer Plastik, die das Soziale physiologisch begreift und Geschichte fortschreibt. Psychogeografie.

Sleep Twitch


“No. Not like this. – Like this!”

If all the matter down here is made out of the fabric of the dresses, the angels wore, when they were expelled from the highest heavens – then, alas!, the ek-stasis of love and death, their coincidence, should be our new paradise. When our passionate tongues rave and lick alongside the tucks, seams and stitchings, then this will be our desperate but nevertheless idolatrous and haughty attitude. Even when the last piece of fabric is our own skin – or the dust of our bones. Our dreams are boundless, we are “ein Stück in Tüchern” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Andreas L. Hofbauer on the erotics of touching fabric. A screen shot from the excellent Dellamorte Dellamore by Michele Soavi (1994)