One more filmy than the rest

Dim vales – and shadowy floods –

And cloudy-looking woods,

Whose forms we can’t discover

For the tears that drip all over

Huge moons there wax and wane –

Again – again – again …

(E. A. Poe)

Film stills by Katharina Copony

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2009, a slyly moment

Überall ziehen die Menschen ihre Uhren auf, um den Schwebezustand hinauszuschieben, der sie einzuholen droht. (Walter Abish, Schaltschemen)

Some sort of Sortes Abishianae. Commemorate lyrics, laugh upon my sleeve. It was the year 2009. In front of a major work of art by Andreas Templin.

It was summer, now it’s autumn


And now the heat of the day had gone and the light of the sky was fading from scarlet to rose and from cobalt to powdered violet and as the lights began to flash on Cosnahan asked himself: What was so theatrical about a swift flurry of figures or one lone figure under an arc light in a great city?
He would have liked to „get it“, to capture too – he felt an almost passionate desire to capture – the beauty of the unending processions … And now it is marathon moon of tangerine. Arcturus. Spica. Fomalhaut. The Eagle; and the Lyre. (Malcolm Lowry)

Where the tangerines blossom – keep it coming. Under the vast vapid ravines called sky.

[All pics by Katharina Copony]


Anamorphose des Autors

Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis
Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis

Anamorphosis of the author during a public reading for Der Konterfei in Vienna, March 2015. “Early 18th century: from Greek anamorphōsis ‘transformation’, from ana- ‘back, again’ + morphosis ‘a shaping’ (from morphoun ‘to shape’, from morphē ‘shape, form’).” (Oxford Dictionaries)

Pic by Travis Sohan Lehtonen

Passage à l’acte II

Live-Performance “Passage à l’acte (Freeze Frames)” at STAY HUNGRY (curated by Anna Redeker und Theo Ligthart), Berlin/February 2011.

Paintings: Laura López Paniagua – Words: Andreas L. Hofbauer – Music: Alexander Christou (All photos by Bianca Theis. All rights reserved!)