The Hoorn Constellations

Systemic Representation as Critical Tool

„Systemic constellation“ or simple „constellation“ labels a process related tool, which is used both in a therapeutic field and as a decision model for several areas of application such as script writing or management agendas. Non-involved proxies or agents re-enact in a special environment (unconscious and unknown) relations of influence, power, dependency, domination and so on in certain time and space frames. These techniques have not been applied to visual arts up to the present. „The Hoorn Constellations“ pays no interest on such benchmarks, ideological or therapeutic, to optimize whatsoever. In fact it is an operational system. Communications as operations generate social systems. Elements (institutions, complex positions like “artist“, “collector“, “artwork“ etc.) communicate here and generate / mirror in doing so the homeostasis of the art world which transforms itself in a sort of homeodynamics of the conditions of production, representation and economics of art (the state of art).

(Andreas L. Hofbauer and Andreas Templin / November 16th and 17th, 2010 / Hotel MariaKapel / Hoorn – The Netherlands)